Get Started

Welcome to the Lionbridge Content API v2

If you want to connect to Lionbridge services, consider the following integration options:

  1. Before you build your own connector to Lionbridge's services, please review the list of connectors currently available for multiple content systems.
  2. Build a custom connector to the Lionbridge Content API. Instructions on getting started are described below.

Note: All custom integrations must conform to the development guides. Please ensure that you read this, as all integrations will undergo a Lionbridge certification process before production deployment. This certification process will be based on the best practices document.

  1. If the quantity of words to translate is very low, the above options may not be cost effective. You can submit translations via the Lionbridge portal.
Start developing with the Lionbridge Content API v2

You can now start development with Content API v2 in our staging environment. When you are done and pass certification process you can switch to Content API production environment.

Disclaimer: Staging environment is NOT meant for production. Data submitted to staging environment may be wiped out without notice.

  1. Send an email to requesting access to the "Content API v2".

Support will grant you access, set up a client id and secret pair to access the Lionbridge Content API, and set up a test provider that does pseudo-translation and automatically return the content to you,

Note: client id and secret pair issued to you for staging environment WON'T work for production. We will give you new client id and secret pair when you move into production. But your code should work with both staging and production environment.