About the Content API

Welcome to Lionbridge Content API v2 (Beta). For all new development to connect to Lionbridge's language services, you can now start development with v2 in our staging environment. Content API v2 will move into production in Q1 2021. If you have already built integration with Content API v1, please follow the link to Content API v1 documentation.

Disclaimer: Content API v2 is in Beta testing stage. There will be bugs and missing functions. While we try our best to keep the published API stable, we cannot guarantee that the API won't change between now and when we go into production.

Disclaimer: Staging environment is NOT meant for production. Data submitted to staging environment may be wiped out without notice.

The Lionbridge Content API is a RESTful programming interface to Lionbridge's Translation Service. With the Lionbridge Content API you can:

Send content out for translation.


Check the status of translation requests.


Retrieve your translated content.