Translation optimized for real-time communications.

GeoFluent combines the world’s top translation engines with a unique and patented linguistic layer. This delivers the real-time translation quality that brands require with the service that consumers expect.

One integration to a world of options.

The GeoFluent Communication API is designed for omni-channel communications. By integrating with our API, you will be able to enable in your application...

Omni-lingual Capabilities

Real-time support for languages covering 95% of the world’s GDP. No matter what language your customers speak, you’ll be able to communicate effectively

Omni-channel Capabilities

GeoFluent enables delivery of multilingual capabilities across the entire omni-channel. Integrate GeoFluent into channels such as:

  •   Chat - Internal & External
  •   Email/Helpdesk/Ticketing
  •   Social Media & SMS
  •   Knowledge Base
  •   Communities/Forums
  •   Voice

Translate communications your way

The GeoFluent Communication API can accommodate your platform's needs.

Capabilities of the API include

  •  Automatic detection of text source language
  •  Send an array of text for translation, each with different languages
  •  Wait for a synchronous translation, or...
  •  Specify a timeout and get a the translation asynchronously as it completes
  •  Transcribe audio and translate the result
  •  Protection of configured brand and industry terms from translation
  •  Highest quality translations of configured glossary terms or frequent phrases

Lionbridge is the largest translation company in the world

With over $500 million in revenue and ranked as a Top 100 Most Trusted Company by Forbes. Writing to an API is a commitment to another organization.

A commitment that they will be there for the long haul and have the resources to continually support the API, ensure version stability and rapidly respond to support needs. As the largest player in the translation industry, you are choosing the most reliable partner to rely on for an API.