Lionbridge Content API

Lionbridge Content API Developer Sandbox

Sandbox Features

The Lionbridge Content API Developer Sandbox has all of the same functionality as the production Content sites. If your code works with the sandbox, it will work on production. We also monitor the sandbox with the same level of attention that we do the production sites. That said, the sandbox has a few key differences.

  • Projects are free. You can pay projects using a test PayPal account.
  • There are different translation services. The sandbox only supports fully automated services. Human translation services are not available on the sandbox.
  • Service ID numbers are different than the production site. Be sure not to hard-code Service IDs because they will be different.
  • Users and projects that you create on the sandbox will not be available on the production site.

Getting Started

It's easy to get in to!

1 Familiarize yourself with the developer documentation.

2 Get your API keys.

3 Develop and test your application.

4 Connect with support about launching your application.