• TargetLanguage now has a Unit field/method representing the estimated number of words, minutes, or pages counted in the source file.


  • addProject now takes a list of NotificationSubscription objects instead of Strings
  • addQuote now takes a list of NotificationSubscription objects instead of Strings
  • Deprecates authorizeQuote with notification argument - this is not a feature of the API


  • Adds addFileByReference method for adding files by URL
  • Adds rejectQuote method for rejecting quotes
  • authorizeQuote can now take notification endpoints
  • Improves JavaDoc for TranslationOptions
  • Deprecates legacy methods in TranslationOptions


  • Ensure that ContentAPIExceptions have their errors set.
  • TranslationOptions can now have SpecialInstructions
  • Gracefully handle unknown XML properties
  • Adds getServices which replaces/deprecates listServices
  • Adds getLocales which replaces/deprecates listLocales.
  • Deprecates getQuotesForJob with unused argument
  • Deprecates setUriDefaults
  • Deprecates setDefaultCurrency


  • Project now requires Java 1.7
  • Addresses missing/incorrect/incomplete JavaDocs


  • New end-user documentation to get you up and running quickly with the JSDK
  • Project is now published to Maven Central
  • Moved project to a new groupId, artifactId and package.
  • Updated to support the 2016-03-15 REST API
  • Adds listLocales and associated models
  • Adds getService method for getting a single service
  • Adds getFileDetails
  • Adds isValid method for checking if endpoint and credentials are valid
  • Adds a MimeTypeMapper utility class for getting a file/filename‚Äôs MIME type
  • addQuote and addProject can now take a list of notification endpoints
  • addProject now also accepts a list of reference files
  • ContentAPIException now includes the API errors that caused the exception
  • Changed listProjects, listQuotes and getQuotesForJob to return a List instead of implementation-specific ArrayList for more flexibility
  • Changed addProject and addQuote to take a List of IDs instead of an implementation-specific ArrayList for more flexibility
  • Changed listProject and getProject now return Project instead of ProjectInfoOneTargetLanguage
  • No longer use System.out to log information
  • No longer needlessly double-wrapping ContentAPIExceptions
  • Removed the following unused classes:
    • ProjectInfoOneTargetLanguage
  • Removed the following deprecated methods:
    • Quote getQuoteForJob(final String jobId, final String objectTitle)
    • String getTranslatedFileName(final String assetId, final String languageCode)

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