In order to use the API connector you must first sign up for a developer’s account on the Lionbridge Sandbox.

You will then need to use the sandbox endpoint of (or your site specific endpoint if you have an enterprise onDemand account) and retrieve your Account Key Id and Account Secret Key.

Getting Started

First add the onDemand Client as a dependency in your pom.xml:


Initialize and Use the ContentAPI

To use the Content API:

  • instantiate an instance using your access key and secret
  • use the ContentAPI instance to send/received information
  • display the results of your operation

Here is a quick example that lists the services available:

public class ListServices {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        private ContentAPI contentApi;
        try {
            contentApi = new ContentAPI(
            ServiceList serviceList = contentApi.listServices();
            serviceList.getServices().stream().map(service -> service.getName()).forEach(System.out::println);

        } catch (ContentAPIException e) {
            // Deal with exception...

Check out the full list of ContentAPI methods to see what else is possible.

Using the Snapshot Version

If you’d like to use the in-development version of the onDemand Client, you can use the snapshot version.

First add the Sonatype snapshot repository to your pom.xml:


Then add the snapshot dependency:


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