Get File Translation

/api/files/<<asset id>>/<<Language Code>>

Retrieves the translation of a file


  • Asset ID: The onDemand Asset ID of the source file.
  • Language Code: The locale code in the format en-us where EN is the 2 character ISO language code and US is the 2 character ISO country code.

Return Codes

Status Code Comments
Success 200 Successful request
Partial Content 206

Range requested was


Bad Request 400  
Unauthorized 401

The request did not

pass authentication or

the customer is not a

member of an enterprise


Not Found 404

The URL does not relate

to a file that the

account owns. Or a

translation in this

language does not exist

for this file.

Conflict 409

A translation has been

rejected and cannot be

retrieved until it is


Response Body

The response body is the contents of the file (or specified range of file when making a range request).

Range Request

It is possible to request only a particular portion of the file by sending a properly formed HTTP Range header, a la Range: bytes=500-999 where 500 is the first byte desired (0-based), 999 is the last bite desired.


If the requested translation consists of two files, they will be returned in a single zip file, and Range will not be supported. The whole file will be returned regardless of a Range header.


ReasonCode SimpleMessage DetailedMessage
601 Rejected target file

This target file was

rejected and cannot be

retrieved untile it is