Localize your applications

Add translation to your continuous integration automation.

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Localize your data

Add translation to your ETL routines.

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Setup “hot folders”

Write scripts to monitor “hot folders” and send files for translation.

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The Lionbridge Content CLI makes all of the features of the Lionbridge Content API available to any automation tool that supports commands

Adding localization to your software development lifecycle

Most modern software development teams use automation to build, test, and release applications. Using the Content CLI, teams can add translation management to the existing automated process.

The Content CLI is compatible with the most popular build tools and systems




GNU Make


Unix Shells

Power Shell

The Content CLI can also be be used by Continuous Integration (CI) Servers such as:





Localize Data From Your Database

The standard ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) pattern can be used to translate database content. Simple scripts can export data from the database into files, send them to Lionbridge for translation, and then import translated data back into the database. These operations can be scheduled by standard tools such as cron.

Adding localization to your software development lifecycle

Any custom “Hot Folder” system can be easily set up using the Content CLI. Hot Folders can be fed via shared drives, FTP, DropBox, etc. and monitored by scheduled scripts.

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